Third Blade

Third Blade 1.1.4

Hack and slash as fast as you can


  • Great visuals
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple controls


  • Problems loading on tablets
  • Needs more items


Com2us’ Third Blade is an addictive hack and slash arcade game that favors button mashing over true strategy.

While Third Blade might contain some small plot, the focus of the game is purely on the action. Players are given three different weapon types – dual-wielded daggers, a one-handed sword, and a two-handed broadsword. All are used to kill the different types of monsters and creatures that inhabit the world of Third Blade.

Players will rush with these three weapons to create and chain long attacks together. Each weapon has different attributes and attack styles. The larger the weapon, the slower but stronger the attack is. Each of the blades are upgradeable in the in-game store along with different items. Defeated enemies will drop coins to use to purchase upgrades and items.

The main character in Third Blade can also level up as he slays enemies and boss monsters at the end of each area. It is easy to defeat enemies in the beginning, but upgrading weapons and defense is necessary to survive later on.

Third Blade uses a cartoon visual style, favoring fast animations and smooth frame rates while allowing for many characters to be displayed on screen. The action looks like a cartoon and even though characters contain a limited amount of animation, the consistent action keeps things fresh and entertaining.

Fans of the hack and slash arcade game will really enjoy Third Blade. The game features simple controls and a massive amount of replayabilty that is based on the type of gameplay Third Blade presents.

Third Blade is great because it is simple, but polished action arcade gameplay.

Third Blade


Third Blade 1.1.4

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